How to Use iRise

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Daily iRise & Shine

Experience daily short sessions to fit around your lifestyle, updated each day

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Over 600 Courses & Classes

Get access to over 3500 videos with the best content from the World’s Trusted Experts

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Personal MyRise Space

A private space to store all your favorite courses, classes, missions and quick tips to uplift your life!

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How Are You?

The only app that asks you how you are feeling, and finds customised content based on your mood or situation

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The iRise Community

Visit our caring community to ask questions and get support in our forums. You can make friends and
message other iRisers.

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iRise Fits Around Your Lifestyle

Life can be so busy these days! And iRise is here to help, by making personal transformation easy and fun, and in bite sized chunks so it can fit around your day.

Check out Today’s iRise & Shine on the “Classes” page within “Browse”, which is refreshed daily. You can take an energizing 10 min dance or fitness workout, a relaxing meditation or yoga class, or browse the rest of our great activity classes.

To strengthen yourself mentally and physically each day, we recommend the “iRise Half Hour of Power” every morning! This involves gradually going from the physical layer to the subtle layer of your consciousness. You can start with a 10 min dance or fitness workout (remembering to warm up first!), followed by a yoga or breathing class. Finally, you finish off with a meditation to set you up for a more stress-free and energized day!

Whatever challenge you face at home or work, you can click on “How Are You?”, and find the current mood or situation you face. The app will then recommend Quick Tips (less than 10 mins), courses or classes to help you in the moment. Scroll horizontally to reveal more moods, situations and solutions.

By clicking on our “Courses” page from Browse menu, you can view over 600 courses across all areas of personal transformation, and save your favorite ones to “MyRise”. We even have some “30 Day Missions” which give you a bite sized video each day. You can scroll horizontally on each row to reveal more courses. And if you have any questions or need support, you can visit our community page to join forums and make friends

Trouble sleeping sometimes? We have lots of courses on how to get a good night’s sleep on the “Courses” tab on the Browse page. Also check out our soothing meditations on the “Classes” tab to help you drift off into a deep slumber and sleep like a baby!