Zen Meditation at Home for Beginners (The Four Tasks of Mindfulness)

Created by Rem Cooney

Avatar Jamu Journal · January 29, 2022

Zen Meditation at Home for Beginners (The Four Tasks of Mindfulness) with Jamu Journal

7 days introduction course to mindfulness zen meditation, including videos and guided meditations.

Zen Meditation

Find your inner peace and practice mindfulness by learning different meditation techniques taught step-by-step for every level.

Who this course is for:

  • All beginners or experienced people who want to learn new techniques and tools of meditation
  • Anyone who has never meditated and is interested in starting meditation
  • Anyone who wants to deal with stress management
  • If you feel overwhelmed in your personal life
  • If you are fighting with work stress and want to clear your mind
  • If you want to improve your overall wellness

My hope is that by teaching mindfulness meditation, it can help ground, nourish and expand others in the same way that it has done so for me.

On this path, I’ve been fortunate enough to study with many wonderful teachers. My primary teacher is Hoben Kim Hansen from the White Plum Lineage of Soto Zen. My secondary teacher is the late Buddhist & yoga teacher Shoken Michael Stone, from whom I’ve received certification to teach.

Feel your meditation come alive as your use of breath and gravity come alive. Many traditions teach that your meditation deepens as the length of your exhalations deepens.

Lengthening exhalations comes out of an exploration of the connection between your breathing and the ways in which every part of your body experiences gravity. One way to explore that connection is through practice with a sword. Another way is to split firewood with a splitting maul. When done properly, both of those practices strongly reinforce the use of breath and gravity when doing Zen meditation. The work of Zen meditation is to resolve duality – the simplest duality to begin working on is the mind and body duality.

About Remington Cooney (M.Ed) – Mindfulness Meditation Coach

I have been a student of meditation for almost half my life. I began experiencing the healing benefits that arise from a routine meditation practice in my mid-teens, in the midst of struggling with anxiety. From that point on, I’ve been committed to continuing the practice, as well as sharing with others the gifts that arise from sitting still.

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This is a live video journal, filmed on Bali island and about any person who has achieved success in life. We follow those who have understood the balance of the internal and external and can share their experience. We will show how they spend one day in Bali, their habits, faith, values and discipline; we will discover a person who has real power of word.

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  1. The content of this course is useful, well presented, and easily grasped. The content and structure of the guided meditations is also good. However, the guided meditations stimulated my startle reflex over and over. I don’t know if there was something wrong with the recording equipment, or if it’s just his voice – – the volume changes every syllable or two, from very soft to very loud. If I turn it down low enough that my startle reflex doesn’t activate, I can’t make out the soft syllables. Because of that, I doubt I will ever do the meditations again, which is too bad, because I like the long silences and the nicely worded guidance.