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Total Body Blitz – Total Body Strength

Caroline Pearce Caroline Pearce · April 20, 2021

Total Body Blitz – Total Body Strength with Caroline Pearce

Total Body Blitz has been designed to give you the best combination of fat blasting and body toning workouts in just 10 minutes or less. Former International Athlete & Gladiator, Caroline Pearce has spent many years discovering the best ways to stay in shape. Using her sports science and heptathlon training experience, Caroline has created several unique systems to maximize your calorie burn and define your body. Her new ultra-effective routines are designed to give you the best benefits in the shortest amount of time, so you can burn and blitz away the fat in just 10 minutes!

Course Code: NSP1/CR/CP/11/10

About Instructor

Caroline Pearce

Having spent many years in the industry, Caroline is highly sought after by the media for her writing and presenting skills, as well as by clients (including celebrities) who want to get in shape.

Caroline has 14 DVDs to her name and has written 3 books. She also has regular shows on TV, both in the UK and the USA. Her skills as a writer mean she writes for many publications and websites.

Caroline also acts as a fitness consultant for many top-name brands and organizations. She is a fitness and healthy lifestyle expert for Pfizer Life and brand ambassador for Tiana.

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