Everyday Yoga for Stress Relief with Nadia Narain – Practice 1 Gentle Flow

Avatar Nadia Narain · August 15, 2021

Everyday Yoga for Stress Relief with Nadia Narain – Practice 1 Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow focuses on a gentle flow when you are feeling tired and have less energy for a dynamic practice. It includes many postures, such as forward bends that calm the mind, soothe your adrenal glands and help relax you, aiding in deeper sleep.

Everyday Yoga for Stress Release was created by Nadia Narain to help restore balance in people’s lives. Modern life can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and overburdened physically, mentally and spiritually. These simple, yet highly effective 20-minute programs have been designed to help you release the tension stored from our life experiences. By practicing these sequences once a day you will begin to let go of the stress, negative patterns and emotions stored in your body, allowing you to move forward in life in a calmer, more harmonic state of being.

Stress is the number one cause of disease in the body, yet many of us do nothing to counter these negative effects of life. By committing to 20 minutes a day you will quickly begin to see the benefits.

Nadia is a leading teacher of yoga in the UK and is sought after by celebrities and students for her powerful straightforward teachings.

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About Instructor

Nadia Narain

I teach yoga to everyone: from professional athletes to pregnant women and absolute beginners. I adapt the practice to the individual's needs and abilities. I have been teaching since 1996 and am one of triyoga's original teachers, having taught there since it first opened in 2000. In 2009, I created the Pregnancy Teacher Training to help instructors teach yoga in an empowering and safe way to pregnant women.

My own introduction to yoga came at around 18 years old. Feeling very confused and lost I took my first yoga class and instantly felt the feeling of calm and safety I had longed for but never experienced in my life.

Born and raised in Hong Kong and with an Indian father, my life up until the age of 15 was in Asia. Growing up around acupuncture and massage was a natural part of our upbringing. It wasn't a 'treat' so much as it was a necessary part of health and wellbeing. For many years I traveled all over Asia and India learning as much as I could from complementary and holistic medicine in order to create an integrated feeling of wellbeing, not just in the body, but in the mind and with the spirit. I became aware from a young age that it was all very much interwoven. Mind, body, heart and spirit needed to work together in harmony.

I started studying more with some of the world's most renowned teachers, in practices that healed the body and the mind. I also developed an interest in pregnancy yoga and the connection a mother makes with her child in utero and the first few months of life. Teaching each of us how to be in the world from the very start of life.

These days I divide my time between my holistic business and teaching. One student described my teaching as balanced and down to earth, another recently described me as fierce and kind. Both descriptions sit about right with me.

I am very grateful to all my teachers, past and present, and all that inspires me not only to teach but to live a joyful and content life.

I have also co-authored with my sister, Katia, the bestselling, ‘Self-Care for the Real World’, explaining why we should take care of ourselves, and our follow-up book, ‘Rituals for Every Day’, teaching us how to care for ourselves. We hope you enjoy them.

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