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Conquering Physical Impacts of Emotional Stress

Rachel Moncayo Rachel Moncayo · March 1, 2022

Energy Management Training with Rachel Moncayo

This course delivers an easy, science-based approach with proven techniques to conquer physical impacts of emotional stress (hair loss, weight gain, low energy, pain, anxiety) without medication, self-sabotaging diets or expensive and futile medical tests.

This course teaches you how to Manage your Energy and Balance your Emotions by applying specific waking state Mindfulness exercises, alongside science-backed therapeutic Meditation techniques. Combining the two delivers a proven system for high-impact results. Upon completion of this course, you will learn to uncover energetic blockages and shift and re-calibrate how energy is held in your body to improve your emotional states and generate well-being.

This course will empower you with:

  • A non-medicine, yet science-based, proven alternative for healing your body
  • A portable toolkit with everything you need to heal every part of your body
  • A method for becoming aware of & working through your emotional challenges without therapy

You’ll get:

  • 10 sequential, all-level, friendly video lessons
  • 8 uniquely scripted guided meditations for healing
  • 8 healing focused, easy-to-do mindfulness exercises
  • Clarity on the science behind the work and evidence of value
  • A framework for a lifestyle of proactive wellness


“What started as a simple stress management activity has turned into a lifestyle approach to manage energy, both personally and professionally. I now power through what used to be exhausting work weeks and have also found a healthier way to work through migraines.” Russell R. – Clorox Corp Executive.

“I needed to get a handle on the impact my demanding job was having on my health. This training has enabled me to manage how I react to changing circumstances. I now feel a greater sense of calm in my life and have been able to lower my blood pressure significantly. I highly recommend this course and the personal coaching offerings from Rachel/Qonscious Fit.” Laura B. – Director of Global QARA Compliance – Avanos Medical (formerly Halyard/Kimberly Clark)

“Soon after starting this program, it became an invaluable part of my daily routine. Each of the different meditations has a targeted impact on the various energy centers and areas of the body. This training helped me see myself with greater clarity and feel empowered to own my health. For me, this was money well spent as an investment in myself.” Steve K. – Former Bice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, CNN

“I had some experience with meditation, but when I started this program, I began to understand what it means to look at myself internally, and realized the piece I was missing for years!!! Each person’s challenges are different, but the fears I felt and the anxiety they were creating, I was only able to overcome with this program” Zulay Chacon – Mother, Homemaker

“Rachel, Jordan is doing great. We’re all so happy at how she turned the corner after a difficult summer. She did pretty good in school and is playing soccer again. She’s continued using the tools she developed with you. Thanks again for being part of the village that helped Jordan during a very difficult time in her life.” Lamonte A- father to 15 year old Jordan

Course Code: RM1/01

Course Content

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MODULE 1: Learn How Physical Pain, Emotions and Energy are all Connected
MODULE 2: Ease Pain and Physical Dis-Ease by Releasing Emotional Blockages
MODULE 3: Maintain a Lifestyle of Self-Healing & Optimal Health

About Instructor

Rachel Moncayo

Rachel Moncayo is the founder of Qonscious Fit and creator of the Move-Nourish-Mind® wellness concept, which has helped hundreds of clients improve their health.

A Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Rachel shares over 20 years of experience in both neuroscience-based and spiritual learning with individual clients, corporate groups and via published articles. Her work has been featured by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Inno, Voyage ATL and The Wellness Universe. Corporate clients include: Cox, Relay Health/Mckesson, Halyard Health, Southern Co, Humana and CNN. She is MBSR trained, a graduate of the Karin Kabbalah Process of Awakening Mindfulness Path-Working Program and an Advanced Level Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Encephalon Meditation student.

Rachel is a Yoga Instructor certified through YogaWorks: a globally recognized Yoga Alliance 5-star rated accredited school. She has also completed Essential Yoga Anatomy, a 19 hour course with renowned Jason Crandell and orthopedic surgeon Paul B. Roache, MD. She is TRX certified, Egoscue Method trained and Reiki certified.

Rachel’s ‘one-on-ones’, group engagements and online courses all incorporate a deep understanding of stress, anatomy, energy flow and conscious and unconscious mindfulness techniques, bringing students to better health, quality of life and understanding of the synergies between Movement, Nourishment and Mindfulness.

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