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Elements of Yoga Air and Water – Breathing Exercise

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Tara Lee Tara Lee · July 6, 2021

Relax with this 10 minute breathing exercise taken from one of Tara Lee’s Yoga Classes on iRise.


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Tara is internationally recognized as one of Britain's foremost yoga teachers. She specializes in Vinyasa flow yoga, pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga. She's also a popular educator of teachers, running intensive courses for established instructors several times a year.

Tara regularly appears on television, in magazines and online and has been named one of the UK's top five teachers by the London Evening Standard. Her following extends beyond her physical practice in London thanks to her popular Bump Mat and her acclaimed line of yoga DVDs, which grew from her 2008 bestselling DVD, “Pregnancy Health Yoga”.

Tara's range of yoga DVDs is regularly featured in the Amazon top 20 bestselling fitness DVDs, and she has sold over 150,000 discs worldwide. She has been recognized as one of Britain's foremost yoga teachers.

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