About Nicky McGinty

Little did Nicky realize when she started dance classes at the age of six that it would catapult her into the world of professional dancing, teaching and choreography for more than twenty years of her adult life! During this time, she accumulated credits and acknowledgements in films (The Da Vinci Code, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), TV, circus and theatre. She has even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest amount of different dance styles and performers – (800 in total) in one simultaneously choreographed piece for The Big Dance and BBC1 in Trafalgar Square in preparation for the Olympics.

In her thirties Nicky was involved in an accident that left her in acute need of rehabilitation. Nicky discovered her specific healing needs through yoga, which provided not only recovery, but also a whole host of tools for preventative measures. And so began her personal yoga journey. Nicky went on to train in Raja, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow Yoga all around the world, before becoming a Certified International Yoga Teacher with Swami Santhiprasad in India. Studying these inspirational techniques with world-class teachers Nicky felt extremely fortunate to realize the enormous power, importance and capacity to heal that yoga provides. She reaped the benefits of the physical and mental support mechanisms but was also able to tune into the emotional and spiritual insights.

Nicky returned to London to create a style of teaching dedicated to the integration of yoga and dance. Her hard work paid off with the creation of her own specialized style of Vinyasa Yoga and Ballet Yoga. Nicky has gone on to produce three Yoga, Dance and Fitness DVDs which have gained international success, as well as critical acclaim across the globe. Nicky’s yoga classes have also been shown regularly on Sky TV’s Wellness Channel. During her pregnancy, Nicky studied Pregnancy Yoga under Nardia Narain and Ayala Gill at TriYOga London and has taught clients for over 10 years in London and Surrey.