About Melisa Noel

Melisa Noel co-founded iRise to make personal transformation accessible to everyone. With the help of a core group of incredible, loving content partners, and an amazing team, iRise bridges the many gaps in resources, opportunities, confidence, and feelings of inadequacy, as well as the seeming lack of support and unconditional love that many feel in our world today.

She also recognizes the significant gaps between our generations, who share so many similar pain points, desperately wanting to connect with one another, yet are often held back by their fears and insecurities. Until now, people haven’t had the platform to come together with love and understanding, to uplift themselves and one another. Melisa envisions iRise to be such a place.

Before iRise, Melisa co-produced "The Meaning of Life Experiment" with iRise Founder, Ashok Gupta. What began as a 30 part docu-series soon transformed into an award-winning app. Oscar Nominee Naomi Harris OBE (Moonlight, Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean) posted on Instagram that the App was one of her top 3 favorite things to do during the pandemic.

Melisa went on to produce several other personal development, health and wellness media projects that have touched hundreds of thousands around the globe. She has also consulted internationally on personal, spiritual, and leadership development as well as providing guidance on mental health.

Melisa has also played a part in social change in other ways on many levels. She was a delegate to the 3rd Continental Congress, called by Pope John Paul II, held the same week the Boston Sex Scandal story broke in the press (inspiring the movie "Spotlight," with Meryl Streep). While there, Melisa facilitated young adult delegates in an additional session, leading to a statement to the pope and church leaders. This boon was credited as a significant catalyst for a positive shift in the moment, during a time of crisis, and was featured in international media for many months.

An important part of Melisa’s consulting experience was through TBL21, an initiative of the United Nations Secretariat Pathways to Peace. Her work focused on dedicated business leaders who were passionate about the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit as equal measures of success) in the 21st century. Her time in this role continues to inform her leadership and founding approach to iRise.

Melisa has a passion for learning, and especially for understanding how we can move from designing ethical and forward-thinking companies and products, to actually living in a world where ethical designs are the norm.

Her journey to becoming a CCO and Co-Founder of a tech-media company started in social work, but led to crossing many thresholds. She faced numerous internal and external biases', overcoming obstacles to join the 4% of women who make up tech company founders. She hopes her experiences can help illuminate a path into the very real dilemmas we face today, including ethical technology and media, advocating for social change, and the creation of enlightened organizations. She looks to share a greater vision of what’s truly possible for all our generations working together.